Traits That Will Make Your Child Extremely Likeable In Preschool September 9, 2019



As a parent, it is not surprising if you admit that you have various worries about sending your child to preschool. It is the first time that they will hang out with people who are practically strangers to them, after all. Though you may drop by as often as you want, the kid has to rely on their homeroom teachers and themselves to get through the day. You do not even know whether they will be able to keep up with everyone in the class or at least have a friend to sit with during lunch break.

Despite the uncertainty that you may feel towards your baby’s first day in preschool, you should remember that you were a student once upon a time, too. Considering you have attending different schools, you know what it’s like to be a new student. Hence, you may have an idea about how to act in the classroom to become likable in the eyes of your classmates and teachers.

In case your mom-brain has forgotten all about your school days, though, then let me refresh your memory. Here are a few traits that you can hone in your child to draw people at school towards them.


From the get-go, you should know that no one likes a little Ms. or Mr. Know-It-All, so you need to teach your child how to show modesty. For instance, they need to realize that it is not pleasant to brag about things or belittle their classmates who don’t have many toys.

“Other people matter, and we can matter more to others if we matter less to ourselves,” wrote Christopher Peterson, PhD.




Friendly kids don’t pick the type of kids they get close with. They say hi to everyone in the playground and do not mind sitting with other children during breaktime. They even greet the school staff when they see them inside or outside the school.

“There is a body of prior research that suggests social integration, engagement with family, and emotional support from a social network are positively associated with cognitive function in older adults,” said Amanda Cook Maher, PhD.


The teachers love students who show genuine interest in their lessons. For instance, if they learn about a new song, your child may pick up the lyrics faster than others. In case they watch a modern dance, your child volunteers to show their classmates how it should be done. Although it is only preschool we are talking about, the teachers can still take note of the attentiveness of each child and give them individual merits for it.




It is a great idea to inform young kids about the value of kindness as well. A thoughtful child is not bothered by the idea of sharing his or her snacks with a classmate who spilled theirs on the floor accidentally, for one. When a friend cries because the crayon they are using is broken, he or she will lend theirs to the former.

“Being kind can strengthen your relationships and sense of satisfaction in life,” wrote Karyn Hall, PhD.

Final Thoughts

Raising a child with all the fantastic traits mentioned above may not be easy. Some are mature enough to remember everything you tell them; others may be cheeky and do the opposite of what you are trying to teach. However, if you practice consistency and show the kids what you want them to do, it will not take long before they copy your actions.

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