How to Help Your Child Adapt to Daycare December 19, 2017

Leaving your child in the care of others cannot be easy. One of the best options here is to enroll your bundle of joy to a daycare center where they can play with same-aged kids. There will be professional carers in the facility as well to look after them on your behalf. But then again, it won’t be any easier for the kid, especially if they only spent time with you for the most part. It’s possible for them to develop separation anxiety, a disorder that occurs when they don’t see the person they’re strongly attached to. Find out how to help your child adapt to daycare below.

how to help your child adapt to daycare

Go to the center together.

The first thing on a parent’s list is to familiarize the toddler to the new environment they will be in. You can accomplish that by visiting the daycare┬átogether a few times before the actual date. That way, they will be able to meet the kids and the carers and hopefully entice the child to stay there longer.

Talk about the specifics.

Children, in general, go into panic mode when the schedule they’re used to becomes disrupted. It may not take place if you speak with them about their itinerary or what to expect at the facility. To be precise, tell your kid the activities they may do there or when the snack and the lunch will be distributed. You may also let them know of which carer to come to in case they need help with the bathroom situation.

how to help your child adapt to daycare


Let the kid take a transitional object.

Another way to help a child adapt to daycare is to pack the item they carry everywhere. That can mean a blanket, a stuffed animal, a pacifier, or even a pillow. It will give them a sense of normalcy, almost as if they did not leave the house. Some parents actually leave family pictures in the center, and seeing that may calm the children too.

Stay until they’ve settled in.

Every kid takes separation with parents differently. In case they grew up with a lot of people at home or playing with other children, they may not even cry on the first day. For some who only knew the opposite of that, however, it can take a while before they feel comfortable in the surrounding.

If you’re dealing with the latter, understand that it’s a phase you should pass together. Simply leaving them there when you saw they’re still not ready to part may traumatize the child. That won’t be good, because they may not want to go back to daycare again. So, remain in their line of sight until you notice them engaging with the whole class.

Don’t sneak away.

With that said, the final tip is to always inform your child when you’ll leave. There’s nothing scarier for a kid who’s heavily attached to a parent than to not see them without a proper goodbye. They are old enough to understand as well that mommy or daddy needs to go to work, so you can tell them that directly.

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