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Finding the right Childcare Center is a difficult task for every parent.  The task is especially difficult for first-time parents who have never been through the process before.  The task of looking for the right Childcare facility can be quickly overwhelming.  Parents experience a lot of stress and anxiety if the Childcare facility they are looking at is right for their child. Parents tend to worry if their children will be safe while they are at work.  Institutions are not spared from safety and security threat – read here. Here are some signs of a poorly run Childcare facility that will help parents to know when to run.

No Licensure

There are only rare situations in which a Daycare does not have to be licensed.  Typically, Daycares are required to be licensed to hold the facility accountable for the safety of the children that they provide care for.  There is a minimum requirement for licensure set by the state and the Daycare is required to meet these standards.  If you do not see a license posted on the wall, inquire about the license of the facility.  If they say they are, ask to see a copy of it.  Most states have a list of licensed facilities for the state.  Accredited facilities are also good options.  It is not required for a facility to be accredited. However, it does show initiative and that the daycare is held to a higher standard of accountability.

Over Classroom Ratios



There are times that you walk in and find a teacher in a classroom full of children.  You may not think of anything at first.  But, this happens in every business — someone gets sick or hurt and the facility is quickly understaffed.  Having too many children in a class with not enough supervision is a safety threat.  There are ratios put in place to ensure the safety of the children.  Make sure that you know the required ratios for the provider and the children. When you are touring the facility, check if they are following those ratios.


As you tour the facility, pay attention to the cleanliness of the facility.  A clean facility shows that they take pride in their work.  On the other hand, unclean facilities pose a safety risk to the child.  It poses risk to their health.  Keep in mind that facilities are full of kids who are going to get messy from time to time.  However, if the facility is continuously unclean, then you should worry.

Also, if there is no clear schedule or structure regarding the activities of the children, then you should worry.  With that many children, having an organized structure is critical in maintaining safety.

There are also different skills and developmental goals that should be worked on while your child is at the facility.  Not having a clear structure indicates that these skills are not a priority at the facility.

Lack of Training



Daycare staff should be trained.  You want to make sure that the staff has the necessary certifications needed to work with children and that background checks are conducted to ensure the safety of the child.  You also want to know how often the staff is being trained.  No one is ever perfect and there is always room for improvement.  Find out how often training occurs and what types of training take place.  If there is no training whatsoever, you should be concerned.

Lack of Communication



One of the biggest red flags that you can find is a lack of communication between you and the daycare.  If there is a time of the day that you are told you cannot come by, you should worry.  Your child is going to be in that facility and you should be able to come no matter what time of day it is.  They may say that they prefer you not to come during nap time. But, if they forbid it, you should wonder why.  When your child is in the facility, you should also receive some type of report on your child at regular intervals. The staff should be communicating with you when you pick-up and/or drop-off your child.  If they are not, you should be concerned.



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