Childcare Facilities: The Division Of Classrooms And Why It Matters July 26, 2017



Finding the right daycare facility is a complicated and frustrating task.  It is essential to know how the classrooms are divided.  There are many different things that a parent should look at when it comes to the division of classrooms.  It is important because the way a childcare classroom is divided has a direct impact on the quality of the childcare facility. 

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Options for Child Day Care: Daycare Facility Vs. Home Daycare July 24, 2017

One of the biggest challenges parents face is finding proper child care for their children.  Anytime when a parent is considering to go back at work, there are some factors that should be considered.  One of the biggest ones is the scarcity of quality child care.  One of the best things that a parent can do for their children is to carefully consider all their options and make an informed decision about which child care option works best for them and their family.  Daycare is one of the most common options that parents choose.  Here is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages for each.



Daycare Facility – Average Cost: $380 – $1564

A child daycare facility is a common choice for parents when it comes to finding care for their children during the day.  This is a facility where parents take their children for care.  The people caring for the children is usually someone outside the child’s immediate family.  Daycare facilities are ongoing services that provide childcare at certain times during the day.  There are many advantages and disadvantages to this option.

There are many good things about daycare facilities. First, they are more affordable than many other child care options.  They are also a reliable means of child care. You don’t have to worry that you won’t make it to work because your child care provider calls in sick or is unable to make it work.  They typically provide enough supervision for all the children present.  Kids also can socialize with other children in their age group.  Most Daycare staff are trained. Also, most facilities are licensed and regulated in some way.


Nothing is perfect. There are some disadvantages to consider regarding daycare facilities.  One of the biggest things to consider is that caregivers in a daycare facility are responsible for more than one child at a time.  Another consideration to make is that if you have an infant, it can be difficult to find the right facility.  Kids are almost more prone to illness in daycare settings. Aside from that, most facilities are close for the holidays.  There are also strict times for dropping off and picking up children.



Home Daycare – Average Cost $200 – $1000 Per Month (babies/toddlers) and $315- $956 Per Month (Preschool Age)

 Home Daycare is a daycare facility that is run in someone’s home.   Either it is run in their home or it is run in a place that resembles a home.  The bottom line is that home daycare is childcare that is provided in a home-like setting.  There are also advantages and disadvantages regarding home daycare.


Home daycare is provided in a homelike setting to make the child more comfortable.  The setting tends to be more nurturing than a facility.  There are also smaller groups than what is found at a facility.  Home daycare also tends to be less expensive than a facility.  Kids have the ability in most situations to socialize with others their age.  Home daycare tends to have drop-off and pick-up times that are more flexible.

There are also disadvantages to a home daycare.  If the childcare provider gets sick, there may not be a backup option available.  Home daycare is set up much like a regular daycare.  It is a group type care.  This means that kids are more likely to get sick.  There is also less supervision at a home daycare than in a facility and the licensing requirements are less strict.  It can be difficult to find daycare during the holidays because home daycares tend to be closed for the holidays.



Home Vs. Facility Daycare

In conclusion, each type of daycare has its ups and downs.  Each one has varying prices based on the facility and what it offers.  It is important to do your research and decide what each one can bring to you. You want to make the decision that is best for both you and your family.

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After School Alternatives June 10, 2017

school hours

Having after-school alternatives can be extremely important for a child today. Parents are not always able to work around school hours and at times, it’s good for the child to have a little change. However, there are many parents who are worried about what options they have available to them for their children after school. So, what after-school alternatives are there? Having your kid engage in activities, such as can be worthwhile. Read on to find out more.


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